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Emergent Need of Quality assurance for Engineering Education : India's Perspective View
Channel Equalization For ISI Cancellation View
Space Vector Modulated 3-Ф to 3-Ф Matrix Converter with Input Power Factor Rectification Input Power Factor Correction View
Directional Relaying on Power Network Using DFT Algorithms in Simulink View
Image Filtering Using Functional Link ANN View
Fast Convolution with a PN Code Based on Field Programmable Gate Array View
Basic Concept on Power Flow Optimization with TCSC and TCPS using Differential Evolution Method View
Automatic Generation Control in an Interconnected Hydro Thermal System With PI and FLC View
Improvement of Voltage Stability in Multi-Bus Power System by Network Reconfiguration Approach View
Simulation of Fuzzy logic Controller of MPPT Using Cuk Converter Application to PV cell View